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Moisture Control Services near Newport News, VA

Moisture conditions can become a serious problem in a crawl space or basement of a home.

moisture-controlWithout proper corrective measures, wood destroying fungi can form on the wood members.

It can take only 48 hours of continuous moisture for wood destroying fungi to form!
Infested wood may become structurally weakened in a short period of time.
(See our section on Fungus Control)

While proper treatment of a wood decaying fungi may be necessary, moisture control measures should be implemented.

Here are some of the recommendations we might make in order to control the presence of moisture:

  1. Crawl spaces should have adequate ventilation. Elimination of “dead air” spaces can be corrected by the proper placement of vents or timed fan systems.
  2. A poly moisture barrier in the crawl space should cover 70% to 90% of the floor area of the crawl space.
  3. Wood should never be in direct contact with the ground. Piers and posts should be set in concrete footers above the ground level.
  4. Plumbing leaks should be corrected immediately.
  5. Any areas of standing water should be corrected with the installation of sump pumps, French drains and/or sand.
  6. Moisture damaged wood should be repaired. (See our section on Structural Repairs)
  7. If wood decaying fungi is present, proper treatment should be applied, using a water-soluble form of a borate product. (See our section on Wood Destroying Fungi Control)
  8. Dehumidifiers installed will remove the moisture content impacting the structure of the wood.

Don’t let these types of moisture conditions damage your home. Call us today for an inspection. We will evaluate the conditions present and make recommendations for correction at NO COST TO YOU!