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Mosquito and Insect Reduction Program for Hampton Roads Region

Are you bugged about being outside?

mosquito-3So you’re ready to plan your next outdoor party, wedding, or special event or you just want to enjoy your backyard this summer and then you remember that every year those nasty mosquitoes invade your privacy, keep your family swatting, and send your guests running. You use about a gallon of smelly mosquito repellent, burn dozens of citronella candles, and wonder why your expensive bug zapper isn’t doing its job and seems to invite mosquitos from as far as 35 miles away!?

Commonwealth Exterminating believes that we have the solution! With a unique strategy and no nonsense know-how, using yard applications, foggings, and larvacides, as well as the incredible Automist insect control system, no other local company can boast a more complete Mosquito Reduction Program. Commonwealth Exterminating offers one-time, seasonal, or special event treatment packages that will send the mosquitoes reeling and allow you to enjoy your cookout, wedding, or special function.

Our enemy, the mosquito, not only has spoiled numerous picnics and outdoor functions, but also is responsible for carrying a variety of life threatening diseases. As recent as last year, there were over 4,000 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in the United States.

Mosquitos were responsible for over 400 confirmed cases of the West Nile Virus found in horse related deaths. Our Automist System has been used by many successfully across the country since 1988. Results are observed in as little as 2 days!

Although NO company or program should claim to be “disease proofers,” the formula is simple. Reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your environment and you reduce the risks of serious health threats.

Our mosquito reduction programs are not only for the homeowner, but are also designed to meet the needs of commercial and institutional markets.

So go ahead and plan to enjoy your summer events, but first give us a call at Commonwealth Exterminating Company where our Cardinal Rule is “WE TREAT YOU RIGHT”!

Special Occasion Service

mosquito-2Designed to provide a one time dramatic reduction of insects during special events and occasions like a backyard barbeque, outside wedding or birthday party, company picnic, or just about any outside event where insects could be a problem and cause discomfort for you and your guests.

We offer two special occasion packages

Package 1 – Fogging Only Service

We will come prior to your event and fog an entire area with our “Bug Buster” fogging machine. This machine emits a fog of an adulticide to reduce insects in the area. This process has a minimal residual effect for insect knock down and penetrates were they live, in foliage, under trees and decks, and in grass.

Package 2 – Complete Treatment Service

This service combines a variety of application methods, granular larvacides, and formulations of adulticide for maximum insect knock down and personal comfort. We will come prior to your event and fog an entire area with our “Bug Buster” fogging machine as well as treat target areas with a truck mounted, power spray rig. Additionally, we will provide fly attractant baits. When the flies make contact, in seconds they are falling for the last time, minimizing those pesky and insistent flies that always show up while you and your guests are trying to eat.

Full Seasonal Service

Designed to provide a regular monitoring and dramatic reduction of insect populations, including adult insects, as well as treat insects in their larvae stage preventing them from becoming biting adults. It is a full spectrum treatment on a monthly basis during the summer months using adulticides as well as larvacides. We will use everything in our arsenal to fight the war on bugs including our truck mounted, power spray rig, our “Bug Buster” fogging machine, fly baits, and specially formulated lavacides for the treatment of standing water areas. We practice Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) and will inspect your property and advise you as to reducing, controlling, and in some cases eliminating harborage and breeding areas around your home or business.

We also offer gutter cleaning with our seasonal service for a nominal fee to minimize breeding of insects in your gutters.

Automist System

Designed to provide a continuous, automatic, timed application of pesticide. The Automist system is a permanent system that is installed within your property to reduce Mosquitos, No-See-Ums, ticks, horse flies, and other biting insects. The Automist system not only repels insects – it kills them.

Click here for more information on the Automist System.

*Please note this is a program that provides for outside treatment to reduce insect populations and in no way can we guarantee total protection from insect bites or disease, virus, or poison from insects such as, but not limited to, West Nile Virus, Malaria, etc.