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Integrated Pest Management

The Quest to Get Rid of Pests – We Can Piece the Puzzle Together


IPM is the combination of pest control tactics into a single strategy used to reduce or eliminate pests and/or their damage to an acceptable level. Simply put, it is a “wholistic” approach to pest management that uses “all” of the tools in our tool belt.

Most images of a Pest Control Manager are limited to “the guy who sprays chemicals for bugs”. IPM goes way beyond this “cookie cutter approach” and includes necessary tools such as:

  1. Inspections and correct pest identification
  2. Informative knowledge of environmental conditions
  3. Mechanical exclusion technicians
  4. Corrective sanitation
  5. Baiting
  6. Trapping/monitoring
  7. Biological methods
  8. Chemical applications

* Master Technician classes at Virginia Tech & other special training brings all this together & helps Commonwealth Exterminating stand out from the rest.

Commonwealth can assist in choosing a strategy that will be most effective and at the same time be safer, smarter, and have the least amount of impact on the environment.

Map of where we offer pest control services in Williamsburg va

Property Management
No matter if the property is residential or commercial, Commonwealth Exterminating can serve your needs. We’ll work closely with you to determine your requirements and cater our service to your exact specifications. As a locally owned and operated company, we offer the flexibility to create a program to suit your needs and budget.

Your home is the most personal area that you spend time in as well as the biggest investment you may ever make. Commonwealth Exterminating understands your need to create a relatively pest free environment while at the same time allowing someone you can trust into your home to knowledgably, safely, and economically maintain your highest of expectations for pest related issues.

Multifamily Homes
Condominiums, townhouses, and apartments require a certain focus. Common areas such as hallways, foyers, and adjacent walls present areas that are so often overlooked. Commonwealth Exterminating can provide a watchful eye into these areas. With regular inspections, pest problems are reported on a regular basis to management and landlords or their representatives.

Someone once said if a restaurant customer has a good dining experience, they will most likely tell one other person. If, however, they have a bad experience, they will tell ten.

Commonwealth Exterminating can reduce the chance of the latter happening. Our technicians are trained to perform Integrated Pest Management, which encompasses a multiplicity of tools to prevent pest problems.

Health Care Facilities
As a health care provider, you demand a health-minded environment. Many of the most common invading pests can pose very serious health problems. Commonwealth Exterminating can play a key role in creating a healthier environment for your patients as well as your employees. We consider health care accounts as sensitive accounts and employ Integrated Pest Management on every service.

Sensitive Accounts
With Integrated Pest Management, Commonwealth Exterminating can provide a pest free environment while minimizing the concern of environmental or health related issues. The most important tool we use is our flashlight. Identifying problems that are conducive to pest infestations and eliminating those conditions in many cases can solve a pest problem. With the use of revolutionary new baits and other alternatives, most of your pest problems can be easily remedied by a Commonwealth Master Technician & Pest Specialist without the over application of highly toxic chemicals.