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Termite & Moisture Inspection

Is Your Home “Market Ready?

termite-2The average home inspection can cost hundreds of dollars! Let Commonwealth Exterminating Co, Inc help you.

With our quality termite and moisture inspection, we will determine if there are any damages that would “hold up” the sale of your home . The best part is that this service is provided to you at NO COST!!!

We Believe in Your Freedom to Choose:

    Our company will present you with a professional inspection and a written report of our findings.
    You determine if you want to handle any potential problems or allow our skilled craftsman to do it for you.

“Knowledge is POWER, COMFORT, and CONFIDENCE.”

Commonwealth Exterminating Co, Inc. can provide you with peace of mind and any services you may need in the future.

BEWARE – Non-Certified Inspectors on the Loose

Johnny is concerned that real estate agents and homeowners are using exterminating companies to perform Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspections that do not have or employ Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) Certified WDI Inspectors.

Established in 1948, the Virginia Pest Management Association has been serving the information and business needs of Virginia’s pest management professionals for over 50 years. VPMA represents approximately 200 member companies and 3,000 employees. Through a voluntary program developed by the association, VPMA has raised the standards for WDI inspections. VPMA certified inspectors must attend a two-day training program and pass a written exam, with re-certification required every two years. Every VPMA certified WDI inspector carries credentials bearing a certification number and expiration date. To protect agents from liability, agents should ask to see an inspector’s WDI certification and record their certification number and expiration date prior to using that inspector’s services.

Commonwealth Exterminating is committed to providing the most professional services available and has obtained and continues to meet the requirements of a VPMA certified WDI inspector. Why settle for less?