Moisture Control

Just 48 hours of continuous moisture can allow wood-destroying fungi to form in the crawl space or basement of your home, causing structural weakening in a very short period of time. In cases like this, proper treatment of the fungi is necessary as well as the implementation of moisture control measures.

Moisture Mitigation

Our approach is always holistic – looking for ways to eliminate the cause of the issue at hand. Because we are a licensed contractor in addition to certified pest master technicians, we can handle both the treatment and repair services that come with moisture damage and mitigation. With that in mind, we may recommend or implement the following measures.

  • Adequate ventilation in crawl spaces with proper placement of vents or timed fan systems.
  • A poly moisture barrier in the crawl space
  • Ensuring wood is not in direct contact with the ground, using piers and posts set in concrete footers
  • Correction of any plumbing leaks
  • Installation of sump pumps, French drains, or sand to eliminate any areas of standing water
  • Repair of any existing moisture-damaged wood
  • Treatment of wood-destroying fungi, if present
  • Installation of dehumidifiers to remove moisture content that may be impacting the structure of the wood

Do not let existing moisture or fungi continue to damage your home and decrease its value. We offer free inspections to evaluate any conditions that may be present and make recommendations for services.


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