Structural Repair

One of the many things that set Commonwealth Pest Services apart from the many options in Hampton Roads is our licensed contracting services. We not only eliminate infestation, but we can also help you recover from any damage that may have been done by termites, moisture, pests, and fungi.


Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time underneath their home, but this vulnerable area can become a costly repair without general maintenance and inspection. For most people, these issues are not unearthed until they sell their home and an inspection brings the issues to light, potentially holding up or even causing the loss of a sale.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market or if you suspect that you may have possible moisture or pest damage, please call us to set up a free inspection. These types of repairs are a niche skillset that we handle for our customers every day.

Our repair services include:
  • Crawl Space Repairs: joists, sills, girders, band boards, and sub-flooring
  • Exterior & Interior Trim Work
  • Vinyl flooring, sub-flooring, ceramic walk-in showers, and tile flooring
  • Roofing Repairs or Roof Replacement
  • Window Repairs including wood sill replacement
  • Door Replacement including jambs and thresholds
  • Ventilation Fans for Air Exchange
  • Custom Crawl Space Doors and Screen Crawl Doors
  • Temperature Controlled Vents
  • Moisture Barrier Installation
  • Insulation (Removal and Installation)
  • Sump Pumps
  • French Drains & Sand
  • Handrails and Pickets
  • Computer Paint Match Repairs
  • Sheet Rock
  • Siding Repairs
  • Dehumidifier Systems
  • Balloon Construction
  • Low Crawls

Do not let an unknown, unseen issue decrease the value of your home or cause you to lose a sale.


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