Mold & Fungus Control

More residential wood is destroyed by decay every year than fires, floods and termites combined. Fungi infested wood can be structurally weakened in a very short period of time and can become very costly just as quickly.

Using a moisture meter, we can determine the extent of an active infestation of mold or fungi, which acts as a root system for water through the wood beneath your home. This system is fast-acting and can cause major damage in just months. However, with the proper treatment in a timely manner, the fungi will begin to die and dry up within a few days. Mold and fungus are caused by moisture issues, so in addition to treatment of the problem at hand, we may also suggest moisture mitigation techniques. Because we are also licensed contractors, we are able to provide treatment and repair services.

Annual inspections by certified moisture inspectors are the ideal way to ensure that this destructive organism is detected before costly repairs are needed. If you’re concerned about the moisture of your crawlspace or basement, please give us a call – we offer initial inspections at no cost to you.

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